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    About Us

    Our Journey So Far

    An innate desire to uplift the local community, mixed with the zeal for organic products, led us to Pahadi Hub. Based in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, we strive to bring the best turmeric, dry fruits, and herbs to every Indian household. The continuous promise and delivery of purity help us stay close to the hearts of all our customers. We have kept all the necessary protocols in place to meet all benchmarks of look, colour, purity, and quality to deliver nothing but the best right into your kitchens.

    Pahadi Hub- Hard Work Mixed with Experience and Research

    Being a techie myself with ten years of experience in an MNC, I have been inclined to being an entrepreneur ever since. I was looking for a higher purpose to do something for the people of my state that could give them employment and earn well for the hard work they do. Pahadi Hub successfully provided a solid platform to the local farmers and helped them sell their produce at competitive prices. And I could do this also because of the subject expertise that dwelled within my family. 

    My father has been an Ayurvedic doctor for the last 40 years, and my wife has completed her PhD research in the DNA of plants. She is also working to identify endangered medicinal plants through DNA barcoding technology. She has successfully submitted 90+ DNA sequences to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) US for endangered medicinal plant species in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. 

    The seed was sown in my heart when I woke up with a heavy cough on a cold morning. I tried to subside it with ayurvedic herbs, Haldi milk, and Pahadi honey, which worked like magic in a day. An alternative course of action would have been a 5-day course of ciprofloxacin. People still believe in the age-old ayurvedic formulas and medicinal herbs used in the past instead of allopathy medicines. 

    A Pahdi Promise on Quality 

    The ayurvedic herbs  are carefully extracted from the plants in safe conditions. The Pahadi turmeric we provide is different from the usual turmeric as it is harvested after three years and then organically cultivated to maintain immense medicinal properties. 

    Where Technology Meets Traditions and Quality

    Pahadi Hub was not just a business idea. It was carefully built on strong traditional values of empathy, trust, and perfection. We help farmers try innovative farming methods to increase the yield and earn their trust in the process. This, in turn, strengthens our ability to provide all-natural products that help us reach right to the brim of our customers’ expectations.

    We will reach you no matter what

    We deliver across India and have a reliable supply chain to meet our customer needs ahead of the busy seasons. Once you place an order, we make sure it is delivered with proper packaging to keep the freshness intact, right at the promised delivery time.